Y Should I Care

by Two Chords

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Everything has two extremities – this is the way the world is. But these extremities are inseparable, the only way they can mean something is when viewed together: love and hate, happiness and sadness, good and evil… Finally, one song can be composed with just two totally different (but consonant) chords. Two Chords is a band of four guys from Tomsk (Siberia, Russia). They are self-confident, funny, but sometimes crazy and hysteric. The band (as anything in this world) has two extremities to it as well: on the one hand - emotionally charged live gigs with rattling drums, roaring guitars and hysteric vocals, which sometimes turn to sheer screaming, and on the other - calm acoustic shows with beautiful and tender acoustic sound and very soft and gentle singing.
The quartet’s debut record “Y Should I Care”, officially released 5 April 2012, represents the hard’n’harsh extremity of the band. However it does not mean, that there will be no light versions of the same songs. The musicians are planning to release them right after their first live acoustic show. To be the first to know about this unique release, please, subscribe to Two Chords newsletter below. This is what the Two Chords guys have to say about this: “These songs mean so much to us, that we decided to record them in two versions just to show how two different approaches towards the expression of emotions in the same songs can drastically alter their impact on the listeners. We worked our hands through to bone and we can say that there’s a lot of our personal experiences in these songs. We really hope people will like them, no matter the version.”
Two Chords “Y Should I Care” is available for streaming and downloading at more than 40 online stores throughout the web, including iTunes, Amazon and etc. Feel free to subscribe to Two Chords newsletter to know what’s going on in the Two Chords camp . The band members are really looking forward to answering all of your questions . If you like Two Chords, please, don’t hesitate to promote the band everywhere and in any way you can.


released April 5, 2012

Recorded at TOTEM (Novosibirsk, Russia) and NW Records (Tomsk, Russia)
Mixed and mastered at R. Romanovsky Productions (Kemerovo, Russia)
All music and lyrics written and performed by Anton Serov



all rights reserved


Two Chords Томск, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Break Through
You find yourself standing all alone
Against everyone in this world
And you get tired of it, you're tired of it
You tired of people who annoying you
Only because you decided to
Just follow your own way
You wanna rock
It's the only will of you

You wanna be
Like nobody and not like you used to
Separate self from anybody
From those who don't understand you
They said you won't ever get the top
But If you would really try so hard
You can break through
break through
*You're sitting at home
sitting at home, yelling*

And now you've lost everything you've got
And failed all hopes parents set on you
You got no money and even got no girlfriend
But all you need is the thing of you heart
You take the step, driven by the God
You got the dream and you live to make
This one dream
One day it will come true
Track Name: Y Should I Care
You're like a girl
who 'forever alone' and
you always add
all the boys through the Internet
you hate phones
and prefer only messaging
post on your wall
only porn and all stuff like that
I don't want to know about your soul
Cuz you're always acting like a whore

Why should I care?
You don't deserve it
I'm hearing same shit everyday
Why should I care?
You don't deserve it
Your steps are well-know
Can't you see that?
I don't wanna hear you
*don't wanna hear*
your lie is fucking bullshit

You can be kind can be funny whatever
the queen of beauty
be the best in the world *you're not*
But guess the one
Thing that's harder than ever
Is to be yourself, not the one of this 'suicide girls'
I don't want to know about your soul
Cuz you're always acting like a whore

you know...
Get the fuck out