Dead People

by Two Chords

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10 years ago I left Novokuznetsk. For me this city, once a symbol of the industrial grandeur of the Soviet empire, had become a haven of crime, unemployment, drug addiction and brain drain.
Many of the people I had grown up with in that city now have despair and emptiness in their eyes, as if they were already dead. Others had in fact already died long before from drug abuse or alcoholism.
But even people who are still very much alive, who had not given in to this all-pervasive despair, I can no longer call friends.
Which is truly a shame, not just for the people whose lives have ended in drugs, but also for friendship, something we have now lost because of the social and political mess that is being made of our country.

Ровно 10 лет назад я уехал из Новокузнецка. Этот город для меня - некогда символ индустриального величия Советской Империи, теперь - пристанище криминала, безработицы, наркомании и утечки мозгов.
Многие из тех, с кем мы росли вместе в этом городе, теперь несут в глазах безысходность и пустоту, словно мертвецы. Другие - действительно давно умерли от той же наркомании или алкоголизма.
Но даже тех, кто всё ещё жив, не поддавшись этой всеобъемлющей безысходности, я уже не могу называть друзьями.
Что действительно жаль, так это даже не тех, кто скололся, но ту самую дружбу, которую теперь мы потеряли из-за всей этой социальной и политической лажи, творящейся в нашей стране.


I can’t believe I skipped that town
And all the streets I’m walking down
I don’t belong
I left them guys I called my friends
But after years everyone changes
Who are they now?

They need life to be totally clear
They don’t even ask just “why’re we here?”
They only wanna get stoned or
Juiced till death

Anybody who’s been where
I’ve come from
Saw them fall
What’s more, here I’m seeing
Dead people everywhere

These people have no dreams or goals
And their minds are always closed
How could we admit of it?
We’re all in charge of it

Anybody who’s been where
I’ve come from
Saw them fall
What’s more, here I’m seeing
Dead people everywhere

The life I am offered in here is not for me


released November 12, 2014
For fans of My Chemical Romance, Blessthefall or Sleeping With Sirens.
Recording/production - Juiced Alien Records
Mixing/mastering/co-production - JARO SOUND and Jaroslav Tseluyko
Cover - Slava Krivonosov
Press-release - Alexey Serov
Music and lyrics - Two Chords



all rights reserved


Two Chords Томск, Russian Federation

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